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Web design for individuals, sole traders and SME's can be really simple without compromising on creativity.  We work to our tried and tested 5 step process every time we create a new website and it works every time, without fail.

THINK - this is the discovery phase where we ask you questions to find out about who you are, what your business is all about and the message you want to portray via your website.  

CREATE - this is where we start to get pen to paper and create the first draft of your brand new website.

CRITIQUE - just because our design process is simple it doesn't mean it lacks imagination or the personal touches that scream your company messages from the virtual roof tops.  That's why we embark on a thorough review process with each and every project to give you the opportunity to feedback on where you'd like to poke and prod the website until it's perfect.

TWEAK - we take that feedback and tweak a good design to make a great design; one that you'll be so proud of you'll be showcasing it to your Mum, Dad, Granddad, Auntie Bettie and anyone else who you can get your sparkly new website in front of.

DELIVER - Voila!  Your new website is now complete and it's all yours to get your hands on.  Once you're 100% happy with the end product we hand you the reins and off you go into the virtual sunset with the most beautiful online shop front you ever did see...