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 your challenges 

You have a solid team of Account Executives and Account Managers who work hard to keep the wheels moving across their portfolio of clients and projects however you're missing the skills and experience that help drive client strategy and spot opportunities.  

adding account director experience to your team

In a world where agile omni-channel digital marketing prevails it's essential for agencies to have members of their teams who understand how each channel works both in silo and as a collective. 


A team can only ever do this if they also have a strong commercial understanding and can get under the skin of board level objectives which then form the basis of every online marketing decision.  Finding excellent Account Directors is difficult as not only do they need a solid understanding of the workings of each strand of digital they also need to be brilliant communicators.  

Coach and Mentor

Account Director is an aspirational position within an agency and with that comes a responsibility of coaching, supporting and mentoring the lesser experienced team members.

Becoming an effective client communicator with the ability to view digital strategies through a commercial lens is a big challenge to rise to.  However, through effective mentoring and consistent nurturing a Client Services team that are all supporting each other and delivering a consistent message is a phenomenally powerful tool for an agency to have in their armoury.

Interim Digital can fill the Account Director void and take your Client Services team to the next level in various guises including:

Project specific client work

Coaching, supporting and mentoring Account Executives, Managers and Senior Account Managers

Team structure consultancy

Commercial opportunity spotting 

Introduction of team development programmes

Digital strategy training

Understanding the 'size of the prize' for key clients